Water-Based Technology


Water-Based Technology

Watson Standard is committed to developing an innovative chemistry platform of BPA NI, melamine, formaldehyde, styrene and PVC free coatings for the interior of food and beverage containers. We offer a unique NSF-approved lubricant over-spray protectant in paste form, for use in a variety of applications.

In the General Industrial market space, we offer a wide range of water-based products for application on drums and pails, shelving and racking, structural steel, and numerous miscellaneous applications.

Watson Standard provides water-based applications for various food and beverage containers, including two- and three-piece food cans, two-piece beer and beverage cans, beverage ends, and aluminum bottle cans for the Rigid Metal Packaging market.

Additionally our unique water-based technology is also used in Flexible Packaging & Graphic Arts markets. These products are used as printing primers on foil as well as insulation foam adhesion promoters which are used in the production of insulation boards for the construction market.   Our technology can also be used to enhance water barrier properties of paper and fiber board used in food packaging applications. Watson Standard’s heat activated adhesives are used in high speed printing applications to adhere shrink sleeve labels to a variety of plastic and glass containers.