UV Technology


Ultraviolet (UV) Technology

ws-markets-cans-4Watson Standard is recognized as a global leader in the development of highly-functional cationic and free-radical UV cure coatings for a wide variety of end-use applications. These products contain little to no VOCs. Typical applications for our products include:

  • Rigid Packaging
    • Exterior varnishes for three-piece aerosol and food cans and ends
    • General line containers for items such as:
      • Cookies and Biscuits
      • Paints and Chemicals
      • DVD boxes
      • Signs
      • Pails – 5 gallon / 20 liter

Furthermore, Watson Standard is also the market leader in UV Technology for the bottom rim of two-piece aluminum and steel beer and beverage cans. We are continually developing pigmented UV basecoats for a variety of end-uses, as well as specialty finishes.

  • Flexible Packaging
    • Pet food bags
    • Pressure sensitive labels
    • Cut and stack injection mold labels for stadium cups and food containers
    • Slip coatings and overprint varnishes for shrink film labels
    • Plastic tubes

Our low odor, low migration technology is widely used in applications for flexible food packaging. This clean technology is FDA compliant for stadium cup and food container injection mold labels. We also offer printing inks and coatings that comply with Nestlé criteria and Swiss Ordinance on Food Contact Materials and Articles.