Infinite Possibilities.

Technology and Innovation

tech-v1As a privately-held corporation, we have the ability to think longer term and to not be limited by the restrictive demands of a broad base of investors or shareholders. This allows us to align ourselves with our customers and suppliers in an invaluable way to provide strategic, innovative and sustainable solutions to the industries in which we participate.

By consistently reinvesting our profits back into the company – particularly into R&D and Regulatory resources – we continue to broaden our expertise and capabilities for our customers. Our experts develop collaborative relationships with our customers to formulate solutions that not only meet current regulatory requirements, but also anticipate future end-user and compliance needs.

The emphasis of Watson Standard R&D is on developing and promoting clean chemistry that is:

  • Low or no-VOC
  • Low or no-energy dependent
  • Suitable for direct and in-direct food contact
  • Low in migration and residuals
  • Low in flavor scalping and scavenging
  • Conducive to down-stream recycling
  • Environmentally friendly

We provide the following technology platforms for our customers: Conventional Solvent-Based, Water-Based, Ultraviolet, and Electron Beam.

Conventional Solvent-Based Technology

We formulate our products to address unique or specific application conditions, end-use requirements and/or manufacturing efficiencies.

Water-Based Technology

We are committed to developing an innovative chemistry platform of BPA NI, melamine, styrene and PVC free coatings for various applications.

Ultraviolet (UV) Technology

Watson Standard is recognized as a global leader in the development of highly-functional cationic and free-radical UV cure coatings for a wide variety of end-use applications.

Electron Beam (EB) Technology

This innovative technology offers the ability to formulate products to our customers' needs without the use of photo-initiators.


Watson Standard’s ChemSHIELD® line of printing inks for high speed Gravure printing offers a unique combination of capabilities including superior printability, chemical resistance, food safety and recyclability.