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Quality Program

Watson Standard. Quality.Watson Standard’s long history of success is predicated on providing customers with superior quality products and unparalleled technical and customer service. The Company has been ISO registered since 1997 and adheres to a strict Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Oversight of the Quality System is the responsibility of the Company’s Executive Management Committee.  Watson prides itself on Innovation, Quality, and Service.

Quality Policy

Continuous Improvement

Watson Standard is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing reliable coatings of the highest quality. Recognizing that quality is an ongoing process, we will constantly strive to fulfill this commitment by seeking continuous improvements in everything we do.

Customer Satisfaction

Complementing this total dedication to quality is our ongoing effort to provide a service level second to none. It is our goal to achieve total customer satisfaction not only by supplying a competitive, defect-free product on time, but also by providing complete service to our customers.

Vendor Partnerships

quality-text-v2We will work closely with our vendors to ensure that they supply us with materials of only the highest quality. We believe our suppliers are important business partners, who are closely involved in determining our success. Because our suppliers’ capabilities are an integral part of our ability to achieve total quality, we place equally high importance on vendor performance, dependability, service, technical support and price as we do on our own.

Employee Training and Development

Our employees are the foundation of our quality mission. Each employee, at every level in our organization, shares the responsibility for achieving our quality goals. Total dedication to quality and service is the standard expected of all our employees. To ensure success, we will provide all of our employees with leadership that emphasizes total quality as well as training that increases their job knowledge and promotes positive attitudes toward quality and service.