Solvent-Based Technology


Conventional Solvent-Based Technology

ws-markets-aerosolAt Watson Standard, we formulate our products to address unique or specific application conditions, end-use requirements and/or manufacturing efficiencies. We utilize all chemistry platforms across our product lines to develop solution-based products and coatings systems. Our end-use product offerings for Conventional Solvent-Based Technology include:

  • Crowns and Bottle Caps
  • Closures for Food Cans and Beverage Containers
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Collapsible Tubes
  • Monobloc Cans
  • Drums and Pails
  • Various General Industrial and Flexible Packaging & Graphic Arts Applications

Watson Standard is also using Conventional Solvent-Based Technology to pioneer innovative efforts in the development of:

  • Organosol technology for the interior of crowns and closures;
  • Superior scratch and transit abrasion-resistant coatings for the exterior of two- and three-piece cans as well as aerosol and aluminum bottles;
  • BPA NI, melamine, styrene and PVC free coatings for a variety of end-use applications;
  • High speed gravure and flexographic printing inks that provide superior chemical resistance and recyclability and;
  • Seaming solvents for shrink sleeve applications that allow the labels to be easily removed from plastic containers during recycling.