ChemSHIELD®Watson Standard’s ChemSHIELD® line of printing inks for high speed Gravure printing offers a unique combination of capabilities including superior printability, chemical resistance, food safety and recyclability.


The ChemSHIELD® printing ink line offers a complete color palette with a range of opacity options.  Primarily developed for High Speed Gravure printed shrink sleeve packaging films, ChemSHIELD® inks perform exceptionally well on PETG, OPS, PVC, OPP and Low Density Polyolefin films, complementing printing processes by enabling the highest possible print quality, at the finest resolutions.

Chemical Resistance

In today’s markets, it is critically important that packaged products maintain their visual appeal as well as the important health and safety messages throughout their life-cycle. Developed for demanding applications such as household cleaners and disinfectants, ChemSHIELD® inks provide the product resistance necessary to protect graphics and regulatory information from smudges and smears that would otherwise be caused by the packaged liquids.


Designed with sustainability in mind, ChemSHIELD® inks are at the forefront of efforts to increase packaging recyclability.  Coupled with Watson Standard’s proprietary Seal and Peel™ seaming solvent, ChemSHIELD® inks have demonstrated the lowest levels of ink contamination in recycled products when compared to competitive systems, as confirmed by independent laboratory testing.

Safe for Food Packaging

ChemSHIELD® inks offer unique opportunities for printers to create printed labels for food products. Watson Standard’s in-house analytical capability combined with partnerships with independent packaging research laboratories enable us to collaborate with customers to develop solutions that have been proven suitable for use in food packaging applications.

ChemSHIELD® Ink Product Uses

  • Yogurt Cups
  • Microwavable Food Containers
  • Beverage Containers
  • Household Cleaning Spray Bottles
  • Tamper Evident Labels for Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Consumer Product Labeling

The Complete Package

ChemSHIELD® printing inks, functional overprints, water and solvent based shrink sleeve adhesives, and Seal and Peel seaming solvents offer printers a full range of products for use in shrink sleeve label applications.  Capitalizing on synergistic effects, these product offerings enable Watson Standard to become a one-stop-shop for shrink sleeve printers world-wide.

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