Elevate your Standard.

Company Information

For more than 100 years, Watson Standard has been formulating, manufacturing and distributing the most innovative coatings, adhesives and inks in the marketplace. We have earned our reputation as a leader in the development of unique, customer-specific technology solutions by creating products which offer superior quality, performance and meet our customers’ distinct needs. Due to our regulatory and sustainability expertise, we adeptly serve the demanding food and pharmaceutical packaging industries. As we look to the future, we are focused on expanding our global network through organic growth and external opportunities including acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

Mission Statement:

At Watson Standard, we are a technology-driven, customer-focused organization that provides application-based, customer-specific solutions at an unrivaled level of customer service. We seek to provide the most innovative specialty coatings, inks and adhesives to the global marketplace, servicing specific segments within the packaging and general industrial markets.

Our management and operations philosophy is guided by the three pillars of our organization: Innovation, Quality and Service. As a privately-held corporation that is currently led by the fifth generation of the Watson family, Watson Standard is committed to success for the next 100 years and, therefore invests 100% of profits back into our business. We believe that our long-term success must be rooted in continuous improvement of our company’s facilities, technical capabilities, employee development, as well as our quality and safety programs.

We believe there are infinite possibilities, but only one Standard. Watson Standard.

Watson Standard Commitments:

Watson Standard supports a collaborative culture of excellence through the trust and respect of our people. We are united through our drive to create the most innovative solutions and superior service experience for our customers. Our freedom as a private company allows us to shape our own sustainable future.

To meet our goals as an organization, our team members commit to:

Be Accountable

Take direct responsibility for results and learn from our mistakes. Be proactive with our customers and take the initiative to make the right decisions and use good judgement.

Be Collaborative

Encourage the sharing of and listening to differing ideas and opinions. Recognize the best solutions result from the cooperation of unique voices, views and backgrounds. Have deep appreciation and respect for the relationships we have built with each other, our customers and suppliers.

Be Adaptable 

Understand that change is inevitable and approach it with a positive attitude.  Acknowledge that growth and success occur when we handle conflict or setbacks productively. Be open minded and choose to take the highroad.

Strive for Excellence

Find opportunities when presented with problems. Always dig deeper and remain vigilant in every aspect of our business. There are no short cuts – we do the right thing all the time. Drive continuous improvement.

Take Pride

Be proud of the work we have done each and every day. Act as a steward for the highly regarded reputation of this organization. Believe in the company mission and its impact on communities and social obligations.


Watson Standard managers commit to:

Be Supportive

Develop and support a strong, viable team. Actively engage with our teams and provide regular feedback.  Cultivate a “we” rather than “me” environment. Promote One Watson and celebrate each other’s successes.

Over Communicate

Lead by example through honest and thoughtful communication. Seek to understand and connect throughout the entire organization. Share information openly and proactively. Speak up when help is needed, encourage new ideas and team member input. Positively communicate the Company’s objectives and goals.

Champion Tactical Patience

Work with our teams to set a sustainable pace and reasonable expectations. Focus on long-term objectives. Foster passion and perseverance for the process, knowing it takes time and effort to realize success.

Cultivate Quality and Excellence

Trust our people to be independent thinkers and innovators. Seek every opportunity to impart wisdom and teach. Provide paths for team members that lead them to discover their own answers.  Be vested in the success of the organization by holding our teams accountable.

Take Ownership

Have gratitude for our role in the organization and the opportunities it provides to improve and affect change. Be a part of the solution and create a positive work environment. Use feedback regularly and constructively.